Living by Water Workshop field trip 2010

Workshops and Outreach

Living by Water Workshop

The Living by Water Workshop encourages lakeshore and stream and river bank property owners to implement Best Management Practices (BMPs) on their property. These BMPs may include maintaining or planting native vegetation buffer strips between lawns, roads, or buildings and the water to help prevent polluted runoff from reaching Flathead Lake and its tributaries. The workshop includes a field trip to a site that demonstrates streambank restoration techniques and BMPs. Participants may request a site visit to from a professional to learn more about restoration options and BMPs appropriate for their property.   

Realtors Water Workshop

In collaboration with the Montana Watercourse and the Flathead Conservation District, we also offer a Realtors Workshop. Topics include water resources, water stewardship, water rights, floodplains, other water regulations, BMPs, and more.

Construction Professionals Workshop

Construction professionals can impact clean water through improper installation of BMPs. To educate and train construction professionals to properly implement construction BMPs on lakeshore and riverfront properties, we are working with partners to develop and conduct a BMPs training course with a field component. We plan to develop a certification or incentive program for trained construction professionals.

Information and Outreach

We also provide information about our watershed, Flathead Lake, and water quality threats and solutions through our newsletter, website, mapsreports and publications and the media. Each summer, we conduct an annual meeting for our members and the public. Upon request, we give presentations to community groups.

Contact the Flathead Lakers Education and Outreach Coordinator for more information about our outreach programs and workshops.

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