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Protecting riparian areas doesn't mean limiting access or recreation. It means using the resource wisely and maintaining the health of sensitive areas. The keys to clean water are healthy riparian areas, wetlands, forested areas and natural, undeveloped floodplains. In addition, conserving these areas protects the scenic value of the Flathead.

The following are things we can do to protect riparian areas and maintain the health and beauty of our waters.

If you live near a stream, river or lake:




Disposing of toxic materials and waste:

Leaving a legacy for future generations:

Help for protecting riparian areas

As a landowner, you are not on your own in protecting riparian areas. You can get technical and financial assistance from a number of agencies and organizations. They can help you assess the health of a stream or wetland on your property and offer ways to protect it for future generations.

The Guide to Stream Permitting in Montana lists the laws that must be followed before initiating any activity in or near a stream, lake or wetland. A hard copy is available from your local Conservation District.

The Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (406-751-2240) can help you implement grazing Best Management Practices (BMPs) in riparian areas to help protect water quality.

Landowners can receive assistance from various agencies and organizations with riparian protection projects including erosion control, bank stabilization, fencing, protecting water quality, forest management, fish and wildlife habitat improvement or protection, irrigation systems improvement, revegetation, and resource protection in crop, ranch and forest lands.

See our BMPs Tool Box for more information about implementing water quality best management practices on your property.

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